What does “The Alpha Zone” refer to in the neuroscience of brain waves?

We typically identify five brainwaves that are identified by neuroscientists in the study of how the brain influences human behavior. They are as follows:

·     Alpha Waves – These impulses are produced when you are awake and your mind is in a resting state. They are associated with being calm and alert. As a result, when your brain is in the “Alpha Zone” it can help you with activities that require learning and coordination. So when we say that an athlete is seeking a mechanism to be “in the Zone” we know that the Alpha brainwave is most prevalent.

·     Beta Waves – Beta waves are produced throughout your daily activities. It occurs when you’re awake, alert, busy, and focused.

·     Gamma Waves – the fastest brain waves. They mainly occur when you’re highly alert and conscious.

·     Delta Waves -Prevalent when you are completely relaxed in deep sleep. Delta waves are essential for your body to heal and restore during sleep.

·     Theta Waves – Occur when you’re sleeping or daydreaming when awake. These waves are associated with relaxation and low alertness. They occur when you’re lost in thought, drowsy, or sleepy.