Jim Curnal is a former professional baseball pitcher in the New York Yankees’ organization, who had a very promising career until cut shot by an arm injury. Over the last 20 years, Jim has worked with hundreds of athletes between the ages of 14 and 22, offering group and individual instruction in basketball, football and baseball. During Jim’s 12 -year high school coaching tenure, he provided instruction to athletes in his role as a coach and personal instructor in all three sports. As Jim states, “My goal as a coach has first and foremost always been to provide young athletes with the tools and the opportunity to succeed.er throws are both vital components of this issue and must be eater the arm.

Coach Curnal recognizes a common theme with his teaching, the need to be athletic. To move athletically, to maximize the use of one’s lower body to increase power, strength, balance, speed and agility. Hitting a baseball requires maximum athleticism.

As Jim states, “I recognized for the past 10 years I was teaching pitchers to throw the ball athletically. The instruction and drills I was offering emphasized the need to maximize the use of their lower body to maximize lower body energy, resulting in reduced stress on the arm, which ultimately reduces the risk of arm injury, while maximizing performance on the mound.

My three objectives are:
• To provide pitchers with the instructional tools to enable them to have healthier and more successful pitching careers.
• To provide an instructional teaching program for coaches, players and parents which is easy to follow, easy to understand, easy to teach and easy to learn.
• Provide a program which is affordable, yet offers comprehensive instructional learning tools for coaches, players and parents.

The less energy required of the arm, the less stress on the arm and most importantly …the less the risk of arm injury.

The Athletic Pitcher: Improving Arm Health, Improving Performance

“A Complete Guide to Pitching, all for the cost of a half hour pitching lesson.”

Amazing what happens when your arm becomes the steering wheel instead of the engine…


Video analysis – a complete breakdown of the throwing motion – cost $50

Video Package – 5 video analysis   – cost $200

Each video analysis includes a 15 minute live video Zoom call to discuss and answer questions. 


Zoom Lesson – 1 hour – cost $65

Zoom Lesson package – 5 lessons  – cost $250

The Athletic Pitcher: Improving Arm Health, Improving Performance

“When I meet parents and ask how their son (pitcher) is doing, their typical response is, “Great, he it 88 on the radar gun yesterday.

My initial response is, “Can I see the radar gun?” Followed by:
1. “How is his fastball command,” and
2. “Does your son throw a change up?”

They most often respond with a confused look.

In a world where glitz and sizzle sell, the message to youth pitchers is that it’s all about velocity. Velocity dictates the scorecard, not the ability to master the most important tenets of pitching:
·     Command
·     Movement
·     Change of Speed.

While Velocity may be appealing and what the market sells today, the ability to master the latter three tenets of pitching will in the long run separate you from the pack. Patience is a virtue, so trust the Process. As you develop physically so will your velocity, as long as you have established a solid foundation. I recognize “being patient” is not readily embraced in today’s culture, however Velocity should be and will be the product of a fundamentally sound learning and developmental Process.
Mastering the correct foundational technique/movement, will allow you to maximize your efforts and goals and importantly reduce the risk of injury.

When youth, high school and college pitchers, struggle with command, movement, change of speeds and velocity, more often than not, it is the result of utilizing a flawed throwing motion. Most commonly their motions result in:
·     Poor use of the lower half resulting in little or no lower body energy.
·     Poor timing
·     Poor arm path increases the stress on the arm and increases the risk of arm injury

“The body is not allowing the arm to do what the arm needs to do.”

Instead of focusing on the radar gun, my “Alpha Zone” course will teach a young pitcher how to implement the following steps to utilize as part of their Developmental Process.

  • Develop a fluid athletic throwing motion
  • For young pitchers, to focus on throwing strikes
  • Develop fastball command
  • Expand your command from middle to in/out, high/low
  • Develop change up command: both 2-0 and 1-2 counts
  • Develop 2 seem fastball command: away/in for both RH/LH
  • Develop curve ball command: 2-0 and 1-2 counts
  • As you develop your pitching “Tool Box” you will expand your ability to Think the Game.

Strength and Conditioning

  • How to develop fundamental strength to support an Athletic Throwing motion. Lower body focus to support the maximum use of the lower body throughout the motion.
  • Remember you are a pitcher, not a football lineman or Olympic weightlifter
  • How to focus on Balance, Speed and Agility to allow you to stay athletic throughout the throwing motion

“A Complete Guide to Pitching, all for the cost of a half hour pitching lesson.”

Jim has a wealth of experience, expertise and success in working with hundreds of youth pitchers.

He has a unique story to tell, not only because of his personal experiences, but because of all the research he has done and the success he has had in impacting young pitcher’s careers. 

All analysis is accompanied with educational support material and video drills to assist the pitcher in his learning curve.

His goal is not to spend countless hours on Video Zoom lessons but to develop this strategy to create a platform for live pitching clinics where he will be able to provide in-person educational teaching and instruction to a larger audience with the added bonus of in-person instruction.