Gwen Lawrence is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with an approved and active Registered Yoga School (RYS).

“I transform lives from good to great, helping my clients reach their highest potential, using my 6 power yoga for sports philosophy’s to Attain fitness, find Balance, Create goals, and Define personal happiness in work, school, family and life the way only an intuitive Yogi and seasoned MOM can”
·     Gwen has been a practicing fitness professional since 1990.
·     Her current practice includes private yoga trainings, class instruction, team instruction and her Power Yoga for Sports, sports specific training, International travel to teach, TV appearances, Writing, Workshops and radio contributions.
·     You can become a certified Yoga Coach through her online training, like people around the world in 19 countries are taking advantage of.
·     Her unique combination of dance, massage therapy, and yoga training experience, coupled with her extensive knowledge of anatomy and nutrition, provides her clients and athletes with overwhelming results.

Gwen has been the yoga instructor for many teams over the years including the NY Giants, NY Knicks, NY Mets, NY Redbulls, NY Rangers, NYC FC and members of the NY Yankees, several major colleges like: Columbia, Yale, Manhattan, UNC and many more.

Her writings appear in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, Women’s Fitness, Cosmo, Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, Yoga Journal, Yoga Digest, Yoga Magazine, Details and and

Gwen Starred as co-host in her own Nationally Syndicated on NBC TV show The Better Man Show and makes regular appearances on NBC TODAY SHOW, Good Day NY, and Dr. Oz as well as many Radio and TV news shows.

She owns her own Yoga school registered to certify students with 200 and 300-hour trainings along with her online Power Yoga for Sports Teacher Training.

Gwen has been named Best of Westchester, and featured in ESPN Magazine as “The Best Innovation In Sports Medicine” -ESPN Magazine

Gwen has 13 Power Yoga for Sports sport specific DVD’s, a feature DVD with Gaiam, and published books Body Sculpting with Yoga, Tactical Mobility and Teaching Power Yoga for Sports. Appears in 2019 Jade Yoga Calendar. Top 108 influential yogis Online.

Over 3,000 MLB NFL MLS NHL NBA & Corporate Industrialists trained to date!


PRIVATE – $500 a class minimum commitment of 3 classes

GROUPS (5-10) – $100 per person per class (groups of 5-10 people)


Yoga Class with Gwen

A unique experience, she is the highest-level teacher for decades and offers classes designed for the specific needs of the participant. She is clear and concise with her teachings, mixes humor and lightness and approaches the student more as a yoga coach.

Gwen’s classes take into consideration the students health status (rehab etc.). She can work closely with doctors and trainers to design the more comprehensive routines for your needs.
Although Gwen prefers to be proactive to health rather than reactive to injury, she is very well versed in working with all abilities and limitations.

Considerations for participant/students are:
• Health level
• Ability level
• Anxiety stress level
• Where you are in the training cycle/season.
• What sport you play or job you have?
• What position you play?
• What common injuries are associated with your line of work?

All the above have proven to provide outstanding results. Gwen’s mission is not only to be proactive to health but to be part of the team to better assure you:
-Reduce Injury
-Increase flexibility
-Learn Mindfulness
-Decrease Stress
-Increase longevity
-Streamline your breathing


Personal Assessment

Private assessment with Gwen remotely – $500

Online assessment done via email – $400

Assessments must be done privately. It is a personal process. It can be done in two ways.
It is a 1 to 3 time process. The initial assessment is an overall evaluation of the student’s symmetry, body balance, anxiety level, past injuries. The student is then given a “yoga RX” to practice then if the student would like a re-evaluation in 8-10 weeks to gauge progress and alter the “RX” and once again in another 8-10 weeks.

For many years I have had the privilege of
analyzing posture, imbalances, and asymmetries online with people for all over the world.

Ask yourself the COST of Doctor appointments, lost game time, and potentially lost scholarships and jobs…it is time to act!

This opportunity is for Athletes from the Professional level all the way through collegiate, high school and little leaguers not to mention corporate industrialists.

If you have been plagued by aches, pains and discomforts and feel like there is a piece missing to your puzzle that allows you to workout, stay fit or be a weekend warrior, the answer may lie in your structure.

I have had the miraculous opportunity in my life and career to work with the best of the best in the athletic world, from Olympic champions, Super Bowl Champs, World Series Dominators, and the list goes on.

The key to my success and longevity working with such greatness is my keen ability to analyze posture and identify key imbalances that can not only hold them back but manifest into injury, if you are training with an imbalance, you are OVERWORKING and actually training the imbalance to get worse and damage your body and results.

I always like to explain it this way:
If your car was misaligned, you clearly understand the ramifications of that, it is less efficient using more gas than necessary to get where you wanted to go, and if you were going to go on a road trip or just drive each day on this misaligned car…you would wear and wear on the misaligned tire until…one day, guaranteed, it would BANG, blow.

Well, it is the same scenario with your body BUT most people take better care of their cars than their bodies. Silly right? But true! Oil changes, brake checks alignments, tune-ups, and car washes all for our precious cars.

Try “Yoga with Gwen” if you are tired of aches and pains, tired of nagging injuries, (big and small) that sideline your progress or if you are frustrated by incomplete rehabs.

Most Physical Therapists are good. Some are great! They are amazing at treating the exact thing you are rehabbing.
For example, if you had knee surgery, they will do everything to get that knee back in tiptop shape.
Where PT misses the mark is that your body cannot possibly have a knee injury without effecting another part of your body and in most cases several parts of your body have compensated over time. PT does not cater to that. We are holistic (of the whole) beings that need full body evaluations.

Treatment plans that is where I come in! Many PT’s refer people to me as they work with them. The goal is to change your approach, your thinking, your results, and the way you see yourself. Be proactive with your body NOT reactive to injury and pain.
Since I simply cannot be everywhere in the world all the time, I needed to develop an online protocol so I can help as many people as I can, everywhere. Let me evaluate your body alignment and postural strengths and weaknesses.


Mindfulness Training: “The Way of the Mindful Athlete” Course.

PRIVATE – $500 per session the course entails 3-5 sessions

GROUPS (5-10) – $100 per person per class groups of 5-10 only. The course entails 3-5 sessions.


Not only will this course up your game and earning potential with athletes from high school through to the pro’s, it is completely applicable to ALL clients no matter what they do for a living. The techniques can be a game changer for your own life and coping skills!!!

IN ADDITION, the big bonus is:
You will learn the course I designed and wrote for the NY Giants coaching staff and players and implemented with the NY Knicks under Coach Phil Jackson. You will learn at home at your own pace, and it is a designed curriculum style so you can take it on the road and teach the course to your athletes and clients!!! That is a HUGE bonus.

Here is an overview of the Mindful Athlete
Mindfulness Coaching for Athletes, creating our mindfulness toolbox (6 tools).

The course is meticulously designed to be user friendly and immediately enforceable. We will cover and experience the 6 Major tools for creating a better and more successful life.

All these strategies negate the temptation to impede attentiveness and therefore lead to happier lives therefore being a better player, teammate, family man/woman and friend. The overall GOAL of mindfulness is simple yet needs constant cultivation. The goal is to be present in the now, not to dwell and live in tragedy of the past or the uncertainty of the future which cannot be changed.

The only thing you have control of is the NOW so be the best person you can be, on a day-to-day basis, making the best decisions you can each day and leading a simpler life that is more enjoyable and is able to notice disease before it becomes disease. Join me now!!! Clear your head, purify your thoughts and goal set to receive the best results for your work and your life.