Donna Wilkins is currently the Director of Player Services for the LPGA Tour.

She was formerly the LPGA Manager of Professional Development & Member Services 2008-2011

Donna was on the 1984 NCAA National Women’s Golf Championship Team at the University of Miami and was an LPGA Tour Player from 1987-2006.

She won the SMU Round-up and Florida State Intercollegiate Championship in 1984 and was named
second team All-America honors and was voted Collegiate Player of the Year by Golfweek magazine.

Coach Wilkins took runner-up honors at the 1983 Women’s Eastern Open and qualified for the 1983 U.S. Women’s Open as an amateur.

She was 1981 Florida State Junior champion and the 1980 South Florida PGA champion.

Donna qualified for LPGA Tour in 1986. In 1987, rookie season, finished fifth at the S&H Golf Classic.

From 2007-2021, She was chosen as Team Liaison Leader for the USA team for the Solheim Cup competition.

Among her many other achievements, Coach Wilkins was:
·     2014 International Crown Team Liaison for Team Australia
·     2016, 2018 International Crown Team Liaison for Team USA
·     2016 USA Women’s Olympic Golf Team Manager for Team USA
·     2020 USA Women’s Olympic Golf Team Manager for Team USA

“Over the course of my playing and professional career in golf, I have been fortunate to see the ups and downs of an extremely difficult sport. I feel I can bring my positive experiences as well as the negative ones to the Alpha Zone Sports Performance Team.
I truly believe an athlete can learn and benefit more than they realize from the hardest days in their sport. I hope to be able to do this by sharing my personal experiences I have had over the course of my career and by emphasizing what a true blessing it is for these individuals to have these opportunities. As we all know, the longevity of an athlete does not last forever; and it is important to relay the message to all athletes to have fun, enjoy the journey, and embrace the opportunities they are given along the way. I look forward to helping everyone along their journey.”


Consultation – initial conversation for 45 minutes – $100

Coaching Session – 45 minutes – $100

Individual Package – 4 lessons at 45 minutes each – $350

Group Package with friends – 1 hour – 4 people – $50 each, per session, per golfer, based on 4 participants

Courses for Golf

Donna Wilkins, Director of Player Services for The LPGA Tour.

NOTE: Donna will be assisted at some sessions by several outstanding and articulate current & former players on the tour!

Lessons will be inclusive of any area or multiple areas of the game of golf – Putting, Chipping, Bunkers, Irons, Fairway Woods, Driver, Course Management, Fitness.

·      The basics and subtleties to finding your putting stroke
·      Technique, club choice and swing control while chipping
·      An emphasis on the mechanics and mindset of successfully navigating a bunker shot
·      How to select the right club and to execute a flawless swing with your irons.
·      Tips on knowing when and how to choose the fairway wood that will get you the accuracy and distance you need
·      The proper mechanics to get the most out of your driver
·      A no-nonsense approach to course management decision making
·      What the pros do to stay in shape and utilize fitness as an advantage in their games