Billy is a graduate of Texas Tech, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with a minor in Communications.

But that was just the beginning, Billy is an accomplished athlete who was 4th round pick with the New York Giants. He had a successful career as a Running Back for 7 years!!!

Was known as B.T. Express, due to his quick speed on the field which gained him 148 yards rushing on 33 carries in his first game. Billy gained 965 yards as a senior at Texas Tech and still holds the record of most touchdowns in a single game.

Billy naturally transitioned into role as Sports reporter. A position he held for 12 years. He was a talk show host and commentator for a nationally known radio channel – WFAN Sports Radio. Billy had the opportunity to cover multiple sporting events both professional and college level.

With his excellent command of public speaking, his next venture was to become a corporate trainer which he continues to practice today.

Billy has been a Performance Vision Trainer in which he works with athletes to develop their visual skills such as eye tracking, eye-body coordination, awareness and depth perception.

Billy is also an active spokesperson for Big Brothers and Big Sisters where he mentors children at events that are held at Giant Stadium. Billy also has an active role at Molloy College where he mentors students on how to create presentations.

Billy works Football camps during the Spring to train/teach young player all aspects related to Football. Identifies and matches to each players skill set to expand their ability and techniques. The common element is that these young athletes all want to improve.

Billy enjoys Kayaking in local areas with his friends and family. Still actively works out and maintains a positive core belief, “That one should always maintain a positive approach to life”.


ONE-ON-ONE – $250 per lesson

GROUP CLUB – $100 per lesson – maximum group of 4 (total of 5 lessons)

As presented by Billy Taylor (the BT Express), former running back for the New York Giants

B.T. will be teaching all of the critical components of playing running back including but not limited to:
1.  Taking the handoff
2.  Blocking
3.  Finding the hole
4.  Deceptive moves with and without the ball
5.  Pass catching
6.  Where to look and not to look!

The five speeds of playing Running Back

1)  Always secure the football before anything. Do not look at the Quarter Back; his job is to get you the ball
2)  Throttle back a little to get in line to allow the Offensive Line to execute their blocks
3)  Accelerate just a little to hit the hole as it opens
4)  Turn on your jets to reach 3/4 speed run to daylight
5)  Once through the hole get to your top speed as quickly as possible to score a touchdown!!!

As my father has told me; Act like you do this all the time!