Bruce has been in the competitive Trapshooting arena for more than 40 plus years and has registered over 161,500 single targets, 99,975 handicap targets and 65,600 doubles targets with the Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA). In 2006. Bruce was inducted into the Connecticut Trapshooting Hall of Fame. In 2007, one of his shooters won the Grand American Clay Target Ladies Championship in Sparta, Illinois.

Coach Maxwell addresses the fundamental elements of clay target shooting, adjustments to different conditions and the mental approach to Trapshooting. Whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced Trapshooter, you will appreciate the common sense approach and attention to detail that Bruce’s training program provides.


ONE-ON-ONE – $250 per shooter per 45 minute session

GROUP CLUB – $180 per shooter per session (no more than 5 athletes at a time)



Skills to be taught in Bruce’s Course:
·     How to stand
·     Where to hold the gun
·     Where to look
·     How to lock the target
·     How to finish off the shot
·     Adjustments to different conditions
·     The mental approach to trapshooting
      1.   Handling the pressure to excel
      2.   The guideposts for a strong & positive approach
      3.   Mastering Singles, Handicap and Doubles
      4.   Planning your program over the season
      5.   Setting up for winter or summer shooting
      6.   How to “peak” to be at your best
      7.   “Off the range’ training activities