Other Examples of Possible Segments for “The Training Room”

1. Does the apple fall far from the tree? A look at the role that genetics plays in athletic success.
2. The facts and the myths about performance enhancing drugs such as Human Growth Hormone and Anabolic Steroids
3. What is the most difficult visual skill in all of sports?
4. What does it really mean to be “in the zone”?
5. The do’s and don’ts of training & conditioning as they apply to different sports and age groups.
6. The game plan for rehabilitation from various sports related injuries
7. The mental game of sports! Preparing the “mind’s eye” for success.
8. The gender debate. Who’s the better athlete: men or women?
9. Sports nutrition. What should I eat or avoid eating to be at the top of my game?
10. Alternative medicine: Does it really work? (acupuncture, herbs, nutraceuticals, etc.)
11. Baby boomers and their aging hips and knees.
12. What is Tommy John surgery and why does it work miracles for injured pitchers.
13. The smart way to train for a triathlon or marathon.
14. The destructive role parents can play in youth sports and how to combat this problem
15. Para-olympic athletes: the real heroes!
16. What goes on in a professional team training room to get athletes in shape every day to play.
17. How the trials and tribulations of everyday life effects an athlete’s performance on the field as well as it’s impact on their families.
18. The long road back from serious injury to stardom in the world of sports.
19. A life of pain and depression after a pro football career.
20. Dealing with retirement after a career in the sports limelight.
21. Training Room Confidential: Trainers tell you what the media can’t.
22. Fields of Play: How top jocks enlist EA, Wii, and X-Box to hone their winning edge.
23. Muscle Twitch: What inherent genetic god-given reflex puts LaBron in a league all his own.
24. The Anatomy of a Slump: the Ultimate Brain Game
25. Positive Imagery: Opening the Mind’s Eye to greatness!
26. Comeback: Aging superstars looking for that last sip from the fountain of youth.
27. The Best Body in Baseball: if not all of Sports!
28. Tricks of the Trainer’s Trade — including legal Performance Enhancers no one talks about !
29. Sports DNA: when it works (The Mannings)…and when it doesn’t (The Mantles)
30. High Tech Challenge: Computers pit hitting a fastball vs. stopping a puck vs. nailing a 3 pointer.
31. The Crystal Ball: The body’s slam-dunk predictors of future athletic success – grade yourself and your kids.
32. Sports Shrink – Inside the unique minds of a Manny, a T.O., an A-Rod.
33. Instant Replay – when cameras fail… and the infallible miracle of the naked human eye.
34. The Road To Recovery: Cracking the unbroken code between trainers and jocks as they battle to get back in the game.

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