Rick Peterson – Rick Peterson is known throughout professional baseball as the leading practitioner for peak performance coaching.

A lifelong “baseball guy” Rick has developed a unique approach to coaching that has produced revolutionary results. Rick has coached with the Chicago White Sox, Toronto Blue Jay, Oakland A’s and NY Mets. His Oakland staff led the American League in ERA for two years, posting a 3.63 in 2003 and 3.58 in 2002. Under his guidance, the A’s finished in the top three in ERA from 1999-2003. Tim Hudson, Barry Zito and Mark Mulder all flourished under his tutelage. Each became a 20-game winner and Zito captured the 2002 American League Cy Young Award.

Over three decades, Rick has combined athletic skills, unique pitching techniques with sports psychology to help his players achieve their peak performance. His track record has been chronicled in Michael Lewis’ best seller “Moneyball” (2004) and John Feinstein’s “Living in the Black” (2008). Rick has applied his unique methodologies with some of today’s most successful athletes including Michael Jordan, Barry Zito, Tim Hudson, Pedro Martinez, Johan Santana, Tom Glavine, Roger Clemens, Frank Thomas, Jim Abbott, Jason Giambi, and many others.

Rick’s life’s work is culminated in the offerings of 3P Sports. His mission is to serve the amateur market to enable baseball players to avoid injury and improve their performance.



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