What happens on the field, begins and ends in The Training Room. Now what goes on in that rarified space behind closed doors no longer stays there. Through the eyes of the experts and stars of sports, we gain unique access to a realm usually off limits to the average fan. The story behind the evolution of a superstar athlete from the training room, the practice field and ultimately the center of the sports world! Find out the behind the scenes quest for inspiration, perspiration and dedication that separates the elite athlete from the rest of us! How does all this happen? It doesn’t happen only on game day! It happens many days and nights prior to the actual moment of truth, it all begins in The Training Room.

Come on in…lets see what challenges these truly gifted athletes are working on!


WHO is the Training Room? –
Doctor Teig

The Training Room is the inspiration of the renown Doctor Don Teig. Over his career, he has evaluated and trained the vision skills of players from 11 Major League Baseball clubs, the men and women’s professional golf and tennis tours, several professional football, basketball and hockey teams, and most recently as the senior consultant to the Johnson & Johnson Worldwide Performance Vision Team for the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing. With his credentials, Dr. Teig (AKA Dr. Jock) has the ability to reach out to the source of anything that has to do with the status of a player’s injury and bring it into your living rooms without you even touching your remote. He will also take you on journeys to discover the correct conditioning and reconditioning in the eyes of the medical experts, team trainers, and the athletes themselves.

Steven Lefkowitz Steven Lefkowitz – Producer Emeritus of The Training Room. Steven was the President and co-founder of LEG, INC., a firm which represents electronic broadcasters across the country. Mr. Lefkowitz’ forte was taking the athlete from the playing field to the broadcast booth. His representation of the following broadcasters and athletes was vital to their success on the field and off: Marshall Faulk, Al Leiter, Michael Kay, Steve Phillips, Steve Levy, Chris McKendry, Rick Peterson, Dan Patrick, Jon Barry, Jon Kelley, Robin Roberts, Mike Breen, Arman Ketaynian, Mitch Album, Jim Harbaugh, Mike Lupica, Jon Heyman, Bucky Dent, Barry Melrose, Stan Fischler, the late Bobby Murcer as well as many other sports and broadcast legends. He has also put aside time to produce and/or package CD’s and several local television shows. The Training Room mourns his loss and dedicates the future of the show to his memory.

WHAT is in the Training Room?  “The Training Room” is a web based concept dedicated to exploring the impact that medicine has on the world of sports and recreation.  Its Podcasts and Videocasts will be comprised of ongoing featured segments addressing a broad range of relevant topics. Similarly, the “Training Room Minute” will target the radio audience on a daily basis with current vignettes pertaining to sports, fitness and medicine.  In addition, “Training Room Clubs” will offer exclusive features to V.I. P. members with contributions from our world class panel of experts. Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, a child or adult, – “The Training Room” will keep you at the top of your game! It will educate, inform, entertain and inspire people of all ages who are driven by sports.